How to Start a Journaling Habit For Kids

As a busy mom of 3, who always wants to help the kids build positive habits that serve them, journaling is important to me.  I want to help our kids learn how to build a positive mindset through awareness and reflection.  The power of writing things down is scientifically proven to build better connections within your brain, so I try to harness that in a way that is fun for the kids.

Here are some ideas for you:

  1. Make it a regular ritual - Whether it's daily or weekly, setting aside time to use the journal will help build the habit.  We aim for weekly, and I let the kids choose a page with a prompt that is appealing to them that week, as opposed to making them use it in chronological order.  If you are using a blank notebook, you can tailor your instruction to them based on their mood that day.  Most kids will need a prompt of some sort to get the creative juices flowing as a blank page can be totally overwhelming (hello, writer's block . . .)
  2. Use it as a time to connect - Depending on your child's age, they may need some help with writing or reading.  As you sit down together, you can talk about how they are feeling, and then ask them to reflect on that feeling in their written journal either through drawing a picture or writing more words about it.  Our journal is designed to be accessible for kids, and also provide a conversation starter to help parents connect.
  3. Create a calm down toolkit - Add some colourful pencils or markers, and maybe even a dedicated spot to make journaling time feel special.  The journal can be a fun part of a calming space that your child can go to for some mindful relaxation.

Let me know which one you try, and what your child loves best.  I bet they'll love connecting with you!

If you are looking for a fun and engaging journal, check out the Heart of a Hero journal.  It's designed to cultivate gratitude, encourage growth mindset and help kids be creative.  The graphic punchy designs and relatable kid-friendly prompts will keep them coming back time and time again!