Creating a Calm Space for your Family

Today, I'm excited to feature some tips from Incia Palmieri of Once Upon A Mat. Once Upon a Mat offers amazing kids mindfulness programs and a subscription box, and she's just the right person to help us get a calm corner set up in our homes, in honour of International Day of Yoga this year.

To encourage and foster Yoga & Mindfulness at Home, have a special space for your children to come to find peace, calm and quiet time. 

What do you need? 

  1. Yoga & Mindfulness Books 
  2. Kids Yoga Mat 
  3. Kids Journals (Heart of a Hero is a wonderful start) 
  4. Activity cards (Affirmations, Mindfulness, Yoga) 


Other things to consider in your Calm Space: Wall Decals, Meddy Teddy, Colouring Books, Music, Painting, Glitter, Gratitude or Kindness Jars

Create a routine to use the space every day. As a parent, you can also have some items that allow you to use the space with your child, like a Mala or Eye Pillow. Maybe you have a ritual that you do together - Journal together, Colour, Read Affirmations or Listen to Podcasts or Visualizations 

You can begin a Calm Space as young as an infant and then build on it as your little grows. 

Here are some ways to incorporate yoga & mindfulness by age.


Read Yoga & Mindfulness Books with Babies, Listen to Music


Colour, Read and Practice Yoga Poses and Breathing together using props like pom poms


Use Affirmation cards, Journal and Practice Breathing Activities 

Most products can be found in Once Upon a Mat's Calm Me Boxes or the Shop

I hope this inspires you to create a special calm corner in your home.  We could all use a little more calm these days!


About Once Upon a Mat

Once Upon a Mat has the vision to empower all kids, families and educators to embrace Yoga and Mindfulness in their everyday lives.  Once Upon a Mat offers mindful programs, workshops, yoga teacher training, memberships and a yoga box for mindful children.  Check them out at