Since we're all at home isolating right now, we're having to be extra creative as parents aren't we? Physical distance doesn't have to turn into social & emotional loneliness.  In fact, as parents, its really important that we're prioritizing this for our kids because we know what an impact it can have on mental health.  

This is an opportunity for us to be creative in finding ways to:

- keep the kids entertained, and connect as a family

- continue fostering their relationships with people outside of our households

While we need to physically keep our distance, here are some ideas to connect in meaningful ways, and make memories both within our homes and with people living outside our homes.

printable invitations for kids

Something about a paper invitation makes even an ordinary thing feel extra special, so I've designed these fun printables that you can customize, colour & use at home.  The first two pages are ideas and invitations that you can give to your kids, or you can print for them to invite their siblings.  The third page contains a few ideas for ways to connect with family & friends outside of your home.  Simply pop them in the mail or deliver to someone's doorstep (if this is permitted by official guidelines in your area, of course). 

To download the printable, simply enter your info here and we'll send it right away!